The Bake-A-Thon’s Denouement!

Webster sez…

There were survivors. It was questionable at first but as the torpor of the food coma began to wear off, monosyllabic grunts became audible and murmurs became phrases. From the older girls full sentences followed. The younger ones, having long since passed their bedtime, were out like lights. But at its conclusion The Kitchen Island’s 6th Annual Christmas Bake-A-Thon was adjudged a brilliant success!

The length and breadth of the production is hard to describe; the unflagging good humor of the Fair Wanda even more so. By about 3 PM, I myself, having sampled nearly everything that had been baked or assembled, bore an uncomfortable resemblance to a besotted country squire out of an eighteenth-century novel with pretzel crumbs on my chin, M&Ms in my lap and an exhausted Wonder Dog sawing logs next to my chair.

The Battlefield

The Battlefield

The Results

The Results!

The Survivors

The Crew

Because it is the Christmas season and the Fair Wanda seems to have a biological need to spend time at The Kitchen Island, the baking continued into the next week. Herewith, some of the results and recipes. Enjoy!

Bark Tray

Christmas Bark!

M&Ms, Reese’s PB cups, pretzels, etc.

Shout out to for providing this seasonal delight!


Pecan Snowballs

Pecan Snowballs!

A crunchy, buttery concoction of pecans and powdered sugar.

Thank you! This spherical, dusted little wonder can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Peppermint Oreos:StackedPeppermint Bark Oreos!

An Oreo cookie nestled in dark chocolate and topped with white chocolate, dusted with peppermint crunchies!

For a girl who adores her peppermint bark, hit this one out of the park!

Choc:PB BrowniesBuckeye Brownies!

By FAR, Webster’s favorite! Brownie topped with peanut butter confection and finished with ganache. Oh my!

Webster will forever be indebted to for their contribution to this year’s Bake-A-Thon!


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