Wanda and Brittley at The Kitchen Island

Wanda and the Brittley Bug

I love to cook! I own a small business that sometimes keeps me in the office until 7.00 but even after days like that, I find a great tranquility in preparing a meal; slicing fresh vegetables, squeezing lemons, peeling shrimp, breading chicken, the smell of freshly chopped rosemary. Truly, I love to cook.


Our (Short) Story

The Garden

The Garden – about 120 square feet

Our journey with food began in 2005 when I met and fell in love with a man who ate healthfully and enjoyed creative cooking around the world. We now live in a small community on a peninsula that divides two great bodies of water – providing us with an indescribable bounty from ocean, land and bay. We cultivate a small garden for fresh veggies and an herb garden that provides us with fresh herbs year ’round. There is a great deal of agriculture in our area but most of that is commercial. However, many local gardens appear to be so prolific that small farmers markets abound. I can be found wandering around at least one of them every weekend or on the way home from work. Roadside seafood stands with shrimp, scallops, clams, oysters and other fare dot the area in season.

100_2476Our Kitchen
We live in an old farm house that we have been restoring and modernizing – taking out walls, installing skylights, adding modern fireplaces and generally updating an architecturally cool 1892 home-place to a still-architecturally cool but well-equipped island of serenity. The kitchen has been opened up, crown molding and French doors to the new deck have been added and an island – The Kitchen Island – built and topped with granite. This is where the serious work is done – and where you’ll see ingredients laid out and messes made. Webster even added a built-in wine rack and liquor bar opposite the Island so that we could easily pair wines with meals – and so he could easily pour a glass for me while I’m cooking!

100_2639Among the many items that will be featured is our automatic dishwasher, our daughter, Brittley. (She is our “automatic” dishwasher insofar as she automatically washes the dishes after dinner!) She may occasionally be referred to as the Bug, a shortened version of Webster’s pet name for her, Brittley Bug.

For the most part, our dishes are healthy. But we are not evangelical about this; we sometimes use cream, butter, sugar and all the other “sinful” stuff that make some meals, well, special. Some of Webster’s family (and friends from his mis-spent youth) occasionally appear bearing New York bagels, crumb cakes, artisanal breads and other culinary extravagances that would make most cardiologists wince. However, life is too short not to be lived well.

Our Plan
We will be blogging regularly – but not always about dishes we produce. Though you will see meals prepared on The Kitchen Island – photos, videos, recipes and commentary – on a regular basis, we will also be sharing tips on food prep, healthy eating, food sourcing, tools and more. Webster, the man I fell in love with, will be contributing his two cents occasionally. (Brittley and I call him Webster because he uses a lot of big words – and seems to know what they all mean!)

Webster – who even after spending a part of his life eating in the capitals of Europe, never eats one of my meals without exclaiming as to its superb taste and presentation – has been trying to get me to do this for a couple of years. It was while sitting in the sun room one Sunday morning reading a newspaper story about another couple writing a home improvement blog that finally motivated me to start.

So, I contacted Worldwide Business Brokers, a “consulting intermediary” – a company that helps startups launch and ultimately helps sell those businesses – and we got off the ground in short order.

We hope you enjoy joining us on this adventure as much as we will enjoy having you along. We want your input, comments and suggestions. And we look forward to seeing you at The Kitchen Island!

Wanda and Webster

Me and Webster


2 Responses to About

  1. Von says:

    Would absolutely love your coconut smith island cake recipe. It looks awesome!

    • Webster sez: Thanks for your note! This one is Brittley Bug’s recipe and she made it for my birthday. We are cajoling her to the best of our abilities to disclose the process and will post it as soon as we catch her in a weak moment – which is likely to occur no later than the next time Wanda makes chicken and dumplings! Give me a week.

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