Wine Blogs We Like

Webster sez…

Wine pour

Add a bottle of wine to your meals!

We have wine with every meal (except with the Cheerios, of course) and have built a wine storage/display case in our kitchen. We’ve started following a couple of wine blogs and will be dishing on these periodically.

The first I want to mention is The Cellar-Fella (, who states that his blog contains discussions of “…wine, and words composed under its influence.” Having written more than a few words “…under its influence…” myself over the years, I immediately identified with this London-based author and promptly subscribed. Give him a look-see. (We’ll be blogging about other wine blogs in the future.)

As a general rule, our wine selections at The Kitchen Island are generally readily available in local grocery stores and wine shops, and are modestly priced – usually in the $15 a bottle range and rarely more than $20 or $25. No matter where you live, there are a lot of great wines out there. We’ll try to make a couple of general suggestions with each recipe that Wanda posts. But don’t take these suggestions too rigorously. Experiment! Pick up something new on the way home. You will often be rewarded with a great new find!

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