Market Day!

Market day, indeed! And this was the first day of the season for this particular market, one of our favorites.

Webster and I were strolling the stands by 9.30am…that’s pretty good for yours truly.  I don’t believe I had ingested a single drop of caffeine at that point.  I was super excited to explore the vendors’ booths and put together some dishes using locally-grown produce, seafood and more.  So, on a windy, but sunny Saturday morning, Webster and I, headed about 10 minutes due East to contribute to our local economy!

Chickens, and ducks, and clams! OH MY!

Wanda and the Muscovy Duc

Wanda and the Muscovy Duck!

The market was a smorgasbord of local fare.  Our favorite poultry producer was back and this time he offered Muscovy duck.  Not being familiar with such a sought after specimen, I inquired about its texture and flavor as well as any culinary concoctions he would be willing to share.  Did you know about “duck butter”?  If not, then stay tuned.  The Kitchen Island will definitely be exploring Muscovy duck and the butter it creates while being roasted.

Leeks and asparagus quickly entered my cool reusable market bag.  Followed by fresh local eggs, a couple celery plants for the garden, and several bars of handmade soap…Hawaiian Ginger may be my new favorite soap scent.

Webster sez…

A trés, trés important day out here in the provinces! Our local markets are miniature versions of the markets throughout Europe – but better for the fact that after one or two visits you know everybody!

A stroll through this market is a social event as much as a provisioning run. Friends, business associates, sailing partners – all wandering around checking out the offerings, the vendors and the crowd. Throw in a few of the local canines blatantly begging at the home-made cookie table and you’ve got yourself a tableau of small town USA.

The Bounty

The Bounty…On the Island!

The intent of our market visit being the purchase of healthy local produce, the highlights of this visit, at least for me, were the homemade chocolate chip cookie booth and the pound cake booth, where no small amount of The Kitchen Island’s treasury was promptly deposited. But the closing argument, as it were, was the couple offering clams! 100 clams for 22 clam$! (A scintillating vision of an appetizer of steamed clams accompanied by a gin and tonic began forming in my mind. But I digress…) But my betrothed’s ongoing efforts to keep me healthy ruled the day. However, with her gentle forbearance, I was able to secure a couple of outstanding chocolate chip cookies, two onion bagels and a piece of almond pound cake! Bon appetite!

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