Whine a Little, Why Don’tcha?

Wine pour

Add a bottle of wine to your meals!

To follow up on an earlier post, this post is about another wine blog we like. Chicago-based winer Rob Frisch blogs about “odd” wines at oddbacchus.com. Why odd wines? Well, it seems that he buys most of the wines that he blogs about (as opposed to blogging about wines given to him by distributors looking for a good review) and, as such, the wines he blogs about tend to be cheap. Going into a good wine shop and asking for a “cheap” wine increases the odds that it will be, well, “odd”. Duh!

On the way home tonight, buy a bottle that you’ve never tried before. Let us know what you buy, what you ate that accompanied it and how you liked it. We’ll share the (appropriate) comments on the blog.


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