The Bug’s Masterpiece!

OMG!! A 6-layer coconut cake!

Birthday cake

Happy Birthday, Honey!

This weekend was the occasion of Webster’s birthday. The Bug, inspired by countless hours of TV cooking shows and the constant activity aground The Kitchen Island, created this magnificent edifice that is sure to please Webster’s cardiologist. It was fantastic!

For more photos of the creative process and the finished product. Click on “Continue Reading” to see them.

Below is a series of photos of the Bug displaying her not insignificant culinary talents. This is her rendition of a coconut Smith Island cake, a regional favorite that references Smith Island in the Chesapeake Bay in the United States. If you’d like the Bug’s recipe for this culinary tour du force, send us a message or comment. Bon appetit!

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ready for the icing

10 The finished product with port

The finished product with Webster’s favorite accompaniment!

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4 Responses to The Bug’s Masterpiece!

  1. Craig says:

    Happy Birthday to Webster!!! Appears Webster was treated very well on his special day!!

  2. carolyn says:

    Very impressive….I hope you saved a piece for me! YUMMM!

  3. Silver Threads says:

    A serious effort…and absolutely lucious looking! Am sure the Port was excellent as well! Trust Webster felt totally indulged and celebrated!

  4. Webster says:

    Webster sez…
    As I was watching the Bug construct this remarkable edifice, I was struck by its ever-increasing height. By the time she got to the sixth layer, I was certain I would have to adjust the shelves in the refrigerator or put on a display of gluttony nonpareil and eat the top two or three layers. However, more experienced kitchen personnel – the lovely Wanda – intervened and magically compressed the entire project. It is now only slightly taller than a kitchen cabinet. But no matter! It won’t last long around here in any event!

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